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The options solid hardwood flooring has to offer

Solid hardwood flooring is a sturdy, gorgeous, and versatile floor covering that has a place in so many rooms in your home. Not only does it provide some of the best décor-matching visuals, but it also gives you plenty of benefits that make it well worth your while. It’s easy to put them all together in a way that truly benefits you and your home.

This material offers an average lifespan of 100 years but can reach far more with the proper care and maintenance. You can personalize these floors for your usage as well, by adding the visuals and other options that best suit your needs and preferences. When the project is finished, you’ll have the flooring of your dreams in place.

Learning more about solid hardwood flooring

It pays to find out not only what you need from solid wood flooring, but also precisely what it has to offer. When choosing from this product line, it’s always best to select the species first. This helps create a gorgeous appearance, but also provides excellent durability when you pick the harder species options. The harder the species, the longer its lifespan.
Once you have the perfect species in place, you can move on to sealing and stain preference. Here, it’s important to note that site-finished flooring offers far more stain color options than prefinished materials do. However, it often comes down to how much time you’re willing to allot to the installation because site-finished materials do take longer to install.

While these floors are exceptionally durable and resistant to wear and stain, especially when properly installed and finished, they can also be refinished. After a few decades, wear will finally begin to show through, and this process strips all that away to reveal a brand-new layer of wood. This is a great time to change the stain color and finish type if you prefer to do so.

Finishing your floors with a hand-scraped, distressed, or vintage finish can help protect your floors by hiding signs of wear. If you’re in the Greater New England Area, Weymouth, Braintree, Hingham, Hull, or Quincy, MA, you can stop by Hardwood Flooring Direct to find out even more great information. Our associates are always ready to help.

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